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e-Pānui 5, Term 3 - Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, Te Kāuta 3 (Te Pakirehua), Tūhuratanga Pūtaiao.

e-Pānui 4, Term 2 - Te Paepae Kōrero (Lisa Larwood), Matariki, Using QR Codes.

e-Pānui 3, Term 2 - Te Hui ā-Tau 2017, Te Paepae Kōrero, Matariki rauemi.

e-Pānui 2, Term 1 - Our code, our standards, happy holidays, Te Tēpu

e-Panui 1, Term 1 - Ako Panuku resources, National Communities, NCEA Te Reo Māori update.

Provisionally Certificated Teachers - 2016 [PDF, 503 KB]

Ako Panuku is working in collaboration with the Education Council to help provisionally certificated teachers (PCTs) toward full certification.

TKKRM 2015 Panel Discussion

The Inaugural Hui a Kāhui Kaiako Pūtaiao - Jan 2016 [PDF, 578 KB]

[PDF, 578 KB]Delivered by skilled and experienced facilitators from the team at Ako Panuku, this hui will support the needs of the increasing number of kaiako Pūtaiao engaged in delivering this exciting area in Māori education.

Te Hui a Te Kākui Kaiako Reo Māori - Dec 2015 [PDF, 695 KB]

More than 100 kaiako and facilitators from across the country came together for the third annual conference of Te Reo Māori teachers, Te Hui a Te Kāhui Kaiako Reo Māori o Aotearoa, in Auckland last November.

PCT - Jun 2015 [PDF, 503 KB]

Helping Māori teachers transition from provisional registration to full registration is something that Robina Broughton is passionate about. Robina is one of the facilitators of the Ako Panuku initiative Kia Rewa, Kia Rere! (Launch Your Teaching Career) —a set of twoday wānanga to support PRTs to full registration.

Leadership - 2015 [PDF, 323 KB] [PDF, 503 KB]

Māori education has grown out of strong leadership both outside and within the classroom and every teacher has a contribution to make to that. Ako Panuku encourages Māori teachers to understand the unique contribution they can make to Māori student achievement.

Make the most of Professional Development - 2015 [PDF, 363 KB]

Learn 10 tips to make the best of your professional development.

Hui ē! Tāiki ē! Technology for Teaching - 2015 [PDF, 491 KB]

With the increasing availability of ultra-fast broadband in our schools, classrooms are being opened to a new world of digital tools, resources and expertise. Hui ē! Tāiki ē! is helping keep Ako Panuku teachers up with the play

Te Hui a Te Kāhui Kaiako Reo Māori Jan 2015 [PDF, 2 MB]

Knowledge, strength and support from within their own ranks are some of the most important things that kaiako took home from the latest Ako Panuku hui for teachers of Te Reo Māori.

NCEA Tips - 2014 [PDF, 510 KB]

A recent two day course for Māori secondary school teachers either new to NCEA or wanting to refresh their planning and assessment literacy proved popular with Ako Panuku teachers.

TKKRM 2015 Workshop activity

Planning Tips - 2014 [PDF, 321 KB] [PDF, 497 KB]

If we plan well, student learning will be more effective. But the question is, “What constitutes quality planning and how do we accomplish this?”

Bring Your Own Device - July 2013 [PDF, 497 KB] 

“Future Teaching and Learning and the Rural Digital Student” was the kaupapa for an Ako Panuku cluster hui held recently at Broadway Area School in Hokianga. The idea for the hui was sparked by members who were interested in learning how to use iPads to support effective teaching and learning in the classroom.

Te Hui a Te Kāhui Kaiako Reo Māori Jan 2014 [PDF, 1010 KB]

With the support of Ako Panuku, Te Reo Māori teachers from around the country are forming a national professional community.

Pūtaiao - October 2013 [PDF, 450 KB]

At the Ako Panuku Pūtaiao course held earlier this year, kaiako shared their tips and resources for making Pūtaiao learning exciting, vibrant and inspiring.

Professional Development - 2013 [PDF, 303 KB]

Ako Panuku–to teach and learn to the best of one’s ability– promotes innovative professional development that helps teachers to be great learners in order to be great teachers. Teachers learning with, and from each other is a key part of that strategy.

Pāngarau - Apr 2013 [PDF, 177 KB]

Pāngarau teachers in wharekura and other secondary Māori Medium settings – (kura Māori and Māori Immersion classes in English-medium schools) can make a real difference to the numeracy outcomes for Māori-medium learners.

Curriculum Planning - Sep 2012 [PDF, 373 KB]

Good planning starts with the curriculum. The curriculum sets the direction for student learning and provides guidance to schools about the design of their local curriculum and their teaching and learning programmes.

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