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NGĀ PAEREWA | Our Standards

The six standards  collectively describe how we should practice as a kaiako in Aotearoa New Zealand. This section provides an overview of each standard through an Ako Panuku lens.

Overview of standards

The six standards collectively describe how we should practice as a kaiako in Aotearoa New Zealand. The order of the standards is intentional; each one builds on the next to develop a framework for quality practice.

Unpacking "Our Standards"

Need a little guidance in understanding "Our Standards" and putting them into practice? This process chart provides tips on how to effectively un-pack each standard.

Standards - FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions asked by kaiako when encountering "Our Standards".

Professional relationships

In order for the learning to grow, there needs to be collaboration. Relationships are at the very centre of everything that happens with every area knowing what is happening at any given time. Communication is key to ensure everyone is informed and included in decision-making.

Professional learning

In order to teach, we need to be committed to learning. This standard outlines how we continuously question what we think and do, and how we strive for excellence. It outlines how, in kura, we constantly review and critique our practice in order to plan our next steps so that...

Treaty of Waitangi partnership

In our profession, evidence of our teaching practice occurs naturally. This evidence is then used for discussion around the understanding of each of the six Standards for the Teaching Profession, and the demonstration of that understanding in the classroom.

Learning-focused culture

Maintaining a learning-focused culture is central to creating an environment where learners can maximise their potential. This standard is based on developing a culture focused on learning, and is characterised by respect, inclusion, empathy, collaboration, and safety.

Best of 2019

Here is a compilation of resources and information that has been popular during 2019. These are directly aligned to the teaching standards: Treaty of Waitangi Partnerships, Professional Learning, and Professional Relationships.
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