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These CAREER resources are focused on helping you as a professional. Here you will find guidelines for writing CVs, tips for managing workload, and tools to use in the appraisal process. 

IT Tips and Hacks
Tips to make everyday use of your computer easier and quicker. 
doc | 692 KB |
Time Saving Tips
Time saving tips for kaiako to challenge themselves and adopt into their daily routine.
pdf | 1.3 MB |
Workload Management Tips
Tips to support you in managing your daily workload.
pdf | 1.2 MB |
Stress Busters
A printable net, with stress buster tips that teachers can print out and fold into a 3D pyramid, then use to remind them of useful and easy tips to help manage stress.
pdf | 1.4 MB |
Sharing professional development
Share your professional learning with colleagues using this PowerPoint template.
pptx | 310 KB |
End of year checklist
A checklist to ensure that you've completed important end of year tasks.
pdf | 793 KB |
Classroom Observation Tool
An example or template to use for undertaking classroom observations.
docx | 791 KB |
Letter to self - template 1
Bilingual template letter to your professional self, outlining your goals. A great reflection tool.
docx | 77 KB |
Letter to self - template 2
Easy to use templated letter (bilngual) to your future self. Seal and open in a year's time. Great reflection tool.
docx | 82 KB |
Classroom Peer Observation Template
A template to record findings when observing a colleague in the classroom.
docx | 630 KB |
CV template
CV template ready to complete your details.
docx | 36 KB |
How to write your CV
Tips on how to write an effective CV.
pdf | 231 KB |
Peer support action plan
A template for peers to support each other to achieve professional development goals.
docx | 631 KB |
Job Description - Kaiako with Library Responsibilities
A job description template for kaiako with library responsbilities.  Use this template as is, or modify as preferred.
doc | 787 KB |
Job Description - Kaiako
A job description template for kaiako.  Use this template as is, or modify as preferred.
doc | 709 KB |
Job Description - Kaikōtuitui
A job description template for kaikōtuitui is for a senior leadership position.  Use this template as is, or modify as preferred.
doc | 816 KB |
Māori Language Appraisal Tool
A tool for kaiako to use to self assess (or peer assess) themselves against four Māori language competencies: kia rere te reo, kia tika te reo, kia Māori te reo, kia ora te reo.
pdf | 203 KB |
Tips for applying for a new role
A collection of tips and information intended to support kaiako to prepare a job application and prepare for an interview.
docx | 853 KB |
Principals Appraisal
This handout outlines factors that make a successful principals appraisal.
docx | 167 KB |
PCT - personalising your induction and mentoring programme
This resource discusses how you can personalise your induction and mentoring programme.
docx | 592 KB |
Induction and Mentoring Programme Overview
This resource is an overview of the components of a quality induction and mentoring programme.
pptx | 18 MB |
Thinking about evidence - putting together a portfolio
Designed for PCTS to understand how to put together a portfolio and what evidence to include to gain full certification.
docx | 237 KB |
Teachers reflection tool
A quick and easy tool to support you in reflecting on your teaching practice.
pdf | 501 KB |
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