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Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini.

Te Pātaka

Te Paepae Kōrero

Created with the career conscious kaiako in mind, Te Paepae Kōrero will tell the stories of individuals, discuss the challenges they faced and the achievements they gained. They will also offer advice for others planning their career pathway.

Teacher's journeys

These short clips are reflections of the diverse pathways teachers have taken to build a fulfilling career. 

Identifying my values

By being more aware of your values you will be able to use them to guide you in making decisions that you are comfortable with in any given situation. Click here for guidance in identifying your values.

Identifying my passions and strengths

Incorporating our passions into our work is a way to stay fulfilled and engaged in our career. If you need support and guidance in identifying your passions and strengths, click here.

My vision and mission

Having a clear vision and mission gives your life direction and guides you in making important life and career decisions. 

Peer support

Ako Panuku promotes peer support through peer mentoring and support opportunities. This system works by supporting each other by learning and sharing expertise with an experienced colleague from another school. Often these relationships are initiated through Ako Panuku workshops.

Observation tools and templates

A classroom observation tool designed by Ako Panuku to assist in gaining insight to teaching practices, to provide constructive feedback and acknowledge successful practices.

Public strategies and reports

A range of public strategies and reports on education.

Key competency quiz

The key competency quiz is a simple way to analyse your professional learning and development needs and will give you a list of providers who can assist you in developing your needs.

Teachers position quiz

The teachers position quiz will help you to map where you want to go in your teaching career.

Glossary of terms

A glossary of English educational terms to help familiarise you with currently used terms and acronyms.

Mā te mahi tahi, ko te eke panuku, ko te ako panuku


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